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Sav-on Printing, Owasso


Sav-on printing is a small, family owned print shop located in Owasso, OK. I have been amazed by the quality of their work time and time again.

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Does size matter?

I have began taking pictures of local businesses and offering them a variety of digital images based on size so I thought it rather important to explain how and why the size of a digital image matters depending upon what you’d like to do with it.

That being said, I am not a web designer and don’t have the vocabulary required to break it down like they do. So if you are interested in how the size of an digital image can affect the overall quality and outcome, I would recommend starting here and reading what she has to say on the matter because she is easy to follow and understand.

If you are tech savvy and require even more information this guy was also easy to follow and understand. 🙂

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Has it really been 2 years?

I just logged into my wordpress and came to realize it’s been 2 years since I’ve made a post here. It truly is amazing how quickly time flies.

The good news is, my creative juices are flowing. The bad news is, I’m not sure where to best display my new work.

So for now, I’m choosing wordpress and facebook until I figure out my next step.

Welcome and enjoy!


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We Built This City – Bixby, OK

Even though I’ve lived in Northeastern Oklahoma my entire life, I’ve never taken the time to explore Bixby Oklahoma the way I did today.

And can I just say, WOW! I had no idea.

The first stop on my list was Washington Irving Park which grabs your attention from the moment you pull in. You can’t help but notice the beautiful trees, wide walking trails and occasional picnic table. Other features you can’t help but notice is the twisted steel beam on display from the World Trade Center and a loving memorial to the children of the Murrah Building Bombing. Last but certainly not least is the Washington Irving Amphitheater which sits a little further back on the property.

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

From here I joined the heavy flow of traffic and immediately noticed what one of my facebook fans referred to as Banana Bridge. According to google, it was built in 1939 and closed to road traffic some time in the early 1990’s. It is now used as a pedestrian bridge for those who run the park trails.

In hindsight, I wish I would have braved the tall grass and taken a side angle shot but alas I’m a scaredy-cat when it comes to things that hiss, have 8 legs or jump out at me when I get too close. So until it gets colder and those things go where ever it is they go, this is what I have to share. 🙂

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

On the road again…

Almost as soon as I return to Memorial I can see the bright beautiful colors of Bentley Park Playground/Splashpad to my left. A quick turn on 148th and once again my jaw dropped at how impressed I am with how beautiful and fun Bixby is!

The Bentley Park has a little bit of everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING! The park features baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, playground/splash pad, horseshoe pits, bocce courts, rodeo grounds, practice fields, a multi-purpose building and walking trails by the Arkansas river. I can see why it is an award winning park.

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

As I was leaving Bentley Park I saw a sign that said Business District to the left. As it turned out, I was now in the heart of old downtown Bixby. The Business District consist of about 4-5 blocks that are easy to navigate and full of life for all ages. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the small town businesses, eateries, Charley Young Park or even tie the knot at the Be Mar Chapel!

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

A few jaunts up and down the Business District and it’s time to get a move on. Lots to see and do before I run out of good daylight!

I take a right just past the Library and could tell there was a school up ahead by the line of buses. A quick glance at my clock and I realize I’m about to be swarmed by little busy bees! Onward I go! A few more streets South and East and BOOM! Spartan Stadium!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but I can tell you that Bixby is full of surprises! My first impression of Bixby HS is that it resembles a small college. Not only is the stadium impressive, but the buildings are equally as nice and spread out like a mini campus.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any snaps of the school itself (swarming students) but I did brave the long line of cars and finally found a parking spot close to the jaw dropping stadium.

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art  © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

Okay. As much as I’d like to stay and watch football practice I really must shake a leg and go find Lake Bixhoma.

I passed a pretty red barn and a Kerr McGee sign I simply couldn’t resist.

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

And thanks to guys at the KM station I got a little tour of their barns and an education about how Kerr-McGee was Deep Rock a few years before they changed it to KM.

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

I also learned that I over shot my turn for the lake! Thanks fella’s! A few high fives and I’m back on my way!

Just as I was instructed, I turned back, took a left at the church, curved at the fork and hung a right at the sign. I went up and down and all around and just when I was about to second guess the very technical directions I was given I caught a glimpse of the calm glistening water!

An immediate smile filled my face when I saw just how beautiful this little lake is.

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art © Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

The lake is about a 15 minute drive from downtown Bixby and slightly hidden by a valley of winding roads, trees and rocks. But when you arrive, you’ll be glad you took the time.

Speaking of which, the entire town of Bixby is worth the time! I was pleasantly surprised and extremely impressed with how focused the small town is on the health and entertainment of their youth.

On a scale of 1-5 I’d say the town easily scores a 5! I’ll definitely be going back very soon when the leaves begin to change.

Until next time!



Liz Ingersoll, Photographer
Mia Bella Art

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Ambassador Hotel, Tulsa Oklahoma

Ambassador Hotel
1314 S Main St, Tulsa, OK 74119
Built: 1929

The Ambassador Hotel is a detached, rectangular, Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival masonry building constructed in 1929. The building footprint is approximately one-hundred and twenty feet by forty-five feet. The building is nine stories tall, plus a full basement. It has a poured concrete column and beam structure which is in excellent condition. The building floor plan on floors two through nine is a double-loaded central corridor along the east/west axis of the building. This corridor serves rooms on the south and north sides. The ground floor features a lobby with rooms to the west and access stairs to the basement restaurant on the east. There is an interior stair centrally located on the north wall of the building. The building roof is flat and hidden from view by a parapet.

The property is located on the corner of 14th and Main, just outside of the core of Tulsa’s central business district in an area identified as the Southeast Business Area of the Riverview section of Tulsa. Despite the Main Street address, the most prominent entrance is facing south, on 14th Street. The face of the building is on the north edge of the sidewalk, without any setback or green space. The east entry of the building is set back slightly from the sidewalk. When the Ambassador was originally constructed, the surrounding neighborhood was characterized by one- and two-story wood frame single family and duplex residential properties. Across Main Street, to the east, there were a few parking garages, small hotels and offices, but the neighborhood was predominantly single-family residences. The Ambassador was advertised as an “Apartment Hotel” with a “moderate tariff by day, week or month”. It had a range of facilities including hotel rooms, “bachelor suites”, and “kitchenette apartments”. The construction of the Ambassador apparently addressed a need for long-term housing in a residential neighborhood near the downtown business center, as well as the need for short-term accommodations for a growing number of business travelers. The immediate area around the building is now greatly changed. It is described as a “high intensity commercial arc” characterized by large-scale office/commercial buildings. All of these are newer than the Ambassador Hotel and their styles vary from Art Deco to contemporary projects. Immediately to the north, the development of U.S. Highway 64 (the southern portion of the Inner Dispersal Loop around the central part of Tulsa) in the 1950’s obliterated the residential areas in its path.

The hotel was listed in the National Register on November 17, 1999. It was listed under National Register Criteria C, and its NRIS number is 99001085.

Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel

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New Mia Bella Art Collages

Blue Whale framed wm Blue Whale v2 Framed wm Bridges Framed wm Oil Wells Framed Pumps Framed wm RSU Framed wm WEMW Framed wm

Will Rogers statues around Claremore Oklahoma

Will Rogers statues around Claremore Oklahoma

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Little Free Library

 Have you ever seen one of these?

© Liz Ingersoll, Mia Bella Art

We found this little gem in Sand Springs and at first glance it looks like a really low fancy bird house but with a closer look we realized it was a Little Free Library just sitting on the side of the road. I dig it and hope you do too!

DSC02843. (2)

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