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Welcome to MiaBellaArt.com, my name is, Liz Ingersoll, a Oklahoma photographer who specializes in making artwork personal. I first picked up a camera in my mid teens and was immediately fascinated by capturing a special moment in time.

A little about me. I am a professional photographer, wife, mom, and devoted fan of Texas A&M. My award winning photos have been published in magazines, tv shows, one movie and I currently have two 40-foot murals on display in both Concords of the Tulsa International Airport. I am humbled that so many individuals and businesses alike have seen the value of what I’m trying to do by making artwork personal. Currently I spend most of my time decorating offices with my photographic art and photographing small businesses in an attempt to bring us both more exposure. I am genuinely one of the lucky few who can say “I truly love what I do!”

My professional work history includes; Commercial Art, Landmark, Scenic and Architectural Photography. I have over a decade of experience and use Photoshop, Lightroom and many other types of design software to bring out the vibrancy of my images.


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