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We Built This City – Bixby, OK

Even though I’ve lived in Northeastern Oklahoma my entire life, I’ve never taken the time to explore Bixby Oklahoma the way I did today. And can I just say, WOW! I had no idea. The first stop on my list was Washington Irving Park which grabs your attention from the moment you pull in. You can’t […]

Ambassador Hotel, Tulsa Oklahoma

Ambassador Hotel 1314 S Main St, Tulsa, OK 74119 Built: 1929 The Ambassador Hotel is a detached, rectangular, Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival masonry building constructed in 1929. The building footprint is approximately one-hundred and twenty feet by forty-five feet. The building is nine stories tall, plus a full basement. It has a poured concrete column and […]

New Mia Bella Art Collages

Little Free Library

 Have you ever seen one of these? We found this little gem in Sand Springs and at first glance it looks like a really low fancy bird house but with a closer look we realized it was a Little Free Library just sitting on the side of the road. I dig it and hope you […]

Photograph your equipment for insurance purposes

I live in Oklahoma so I have to face the fact that this great state clearly did something to piss Mother Nature off! So, just in case, I occasionally take updated photos of my equipment for insurance purposes. Although I’m only posting the one photo for reference, I actually took close up pictures of all […]

50 Photos In A Day

We’re finally back in Owasso and I’m happy to report that we managed to photograph all 50 locations plus a few added bonuses along the way! We enjoyed lunch with a friend on Brookside, took the opportunity to explain to Bella how some people live and sleep on the streets and even picked up an […]

How to photograph as many places in one day as possible

Tomorrow I will set out with an extremely detailed list of over 50 places I want to photograph around Tulsa. Although it may take me more than a few days to complete, it shouldn’t take me more than 2 or 3 at the most. If it does, then my ADD took over and distracted me […]